We custom-grow containerized seedlings and rooted cuttings according to our customers’ height and root collar diameter specifications. We grow from seed or cutting material that you provide, or we can help you procure the appropriate seed for your requirements. We produce stock for direct outplant or for transplant to nursery beds. We are proficient in growing all of the native coastal reforestation species including Douglas-fir, western red cedar, western hemlock, mountain hemlock, Sitka spruce, yellow cypress, red alder, grand fir, amabilis fir, noble fir, western white pine, shore pine, sequoia, and several other minor species.

Seed Treatment

Our seed lab provides a range of seed storage, upgrading, and stratification treatments.

Quality Assurance

We test a sample of every seedlot we grow during the winter to make sure they are completely ready to face spring on the cut-block. Seedlings are taken from the lift line and potted up in the test greenhouse. A duplicate set of seedlings are frozen stored for a few weeks and before being potted up as well. The seedlings are then grown for four weeks in a warm and bright environment. At the end of this time they are evaluated visually for shoot and root development and photographed.

Cold Storage

Our computer-controlled cold storage facilities can accommodate over 20,000 standard seedling cartons. Please contact us to make arrangements for storing your seedlings.

Deliveries & Shipping

Our experienced shipping staff can help you arrange shipments through trusted commercial carriers throughout BC and can efficiently manage export shipments to the US.