About Arbutus Grove Nursery

At Arbutus Grove Nursery Ltd. we specialize in growing containerized seedlings for reforestation. Our customers include forest companies, governments, First Nations bands, and woodlot owners in British Columbia and the US Pacific Northwest. We also grow a selection of seedlings for Christmas Tree farms.

At Arbutus Grove Nursery we custom-grow seedlings to our customer’s specifications producing quality container seedlings of all sizes. We also offer seed preparation services, quality assurance procedures, cold storage and shipping logistics services.

Our nursery is located on the Saanich Peninsula at the southern tip of Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where we produce 14 million seedlings annually at our 10 hectare facility. We are proud to play a part in the forest industry by ensuring our customers get their plantations off to a great start with quality Arbutus Grove seedlings.